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Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

At Blackburn Sprinklers we offer a wealth of services relating to sprinkler and irrigation systems. Our professional landscapers and technicians will ensure that your landscape and garden looks lush and green. We will also ensure that while you have efficient systems in place to take care of your garden, save time and money too.

Specialized Services Offered by Blackburn Sprinklers

sprinkler installation services

Sprinkler System Installation

we will ensure that your landscape and garden is analyzed so that the best sprinkler system can be designed and installed.

sprinkler repair services

Sprinkler System Repairs

we offer professional repairs and maintenance services to all sprinkler systems. Our repairs services include preventative maintenance, replacement of damaged parts and components and system optimization.

drip irrigation services

Irrigation System Design and Installation

our irrigation systems are designed to effectively water lawns and landscapes. Our professional irrigation system designers will map out an efficient design based on your current plants, size of the landscape and the overall watering needs/demands…

drip irrigation services

Drip Irrigation Design and Installation

our drip irrigation systems are designed to deliver the required water directly to the root of the plant. With a drip irrigation system you can expect to up to 30% to 50% less water than regular irrigation systems. Our professional irrigation designers will analyze your property to design the layout and set up of your new drip irrigation system…

landscape lighting services

Landscape Lighting

at Blackburn Sprinklers we are experienced in installing energy efficient landscape lighting to highlight your garden and add value to your property. We install energy efficient lighting, solar landscape lighting, spotlights on sculptures and hedges and offer other specialized lighting options too…

drainage installation services

Lawn Drainage Installation

without correct lawn drainage, your garden and landscape can suffer. Our professional landscapers will visit your property to analyze the current drainage system. We will consider the type of soil in your garden, existing plants, and the position of your sprinkler system and the climate before designing the right drainage system for you…

sod installation services

Sod Installation

Sod is the ideal solution for those who want lush grass instantly. We will analyze your garden so that we can professionally install the right kind of sod for your garden…

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