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Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation services

What type of irrigation system is best suited to your property? At Blackburn Sprinklers, we recommend drip irrigation systems to many of our clients. Drip irrigation offers more precise controlled irrigation than most other systems. This type of system has become a popular choice for many property owners and farmers, for a good reason. What makes a drip irrigation system so efficient? These systems ensure the distributed water is sent directly to the root system providing the plant with just the right amount of water.

Why we recommend drip irrigation systems to our clients:

  • Your landscape or field will receive efficient water exactly where it is needed and nowhere else.
  • As the water is distributed directly into the soil at the base/root of the plant, there is no time for evaporation. This means improved water consumption levels and as a result, a lower water bill.
  • Drip irrigation systems are the environmentally friendly option as they don’t allow for water wastage. These systems use between 30% and 50% less water than alternative irrigation systems.
  • Such an irrigation system can be easily modified and changed in order to grow with your garden, landscape or field.
  • As only certain areas of the landscape and soil are watered, the growth of weeds is discouraged.

Drip irrigation services offered by Blackburn Sprinklers.

At Blackburn Sprinklers we offer professional drip irrigation design and installation services. We can design a drip irrigation system specifically for your garden, landscape or field. We also offer efficient drip irrigation system maintenance and repairs services. Our maintenance and repairs services range from changing out old nozzles, carrying out large and involved repairs or simply analyzing the system regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly. We will also ensure that your garden experiences as little disturbance as possible during the installation and/or repair of your irrigation system.

With our assistance you can ensure your garden or landscape flourishes without racking up maintenance expenses. We offer free on-site consultation to evaluate your landscape watering needs and provide recommendations. To learn more about drip irrigation or to make an appointment, call us at (214) 864-657 or send us a message online.