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Irrigation System

drip irrigation services

You can rely on Blackburn Sprinklers for your irrigation system design and installation. Irrigation system are designed and installed to effectively handle the watering of lawns and landscapes. Each irrigation system must be designed to suit the needs of the specific garden. This requires a thorough inspection of the garden by our professional irrigation system designer to map out an efficient design based on the location of plants, actual size of the landscape and its overall water needs/demands.

Many property owners have realized how expensive it can be to keep their landscapes lush, green and healthy. We can assist you to reduce the cost of your garden maintenance by designing the ideal irrigation system for your garden.

  • When we install your new irrigation system, you can expect the following benefits:
    An automated system will save you time – with your garden watering tasks automated, you won’t have to remember to water your garden or even be around to manage it.
    Save on money and water wastage – an automated irrigation system is programmed and timed to ensure no excessive water is used. The system is also fitted with rain sensors to make sure no water is ever wasted.
  • An irrigation system will add value to any property which will benefit you in later years if you wish to sell.

Blackburn Sprinklers installs top quality and reliable irrigation systems

You have made the right decision to install an irrigation system on your property. It is important to make sure, the quality and design of the system is reliable and can service your garden for many years. At Blackburn Sprinklers, we ensure our clients are presented with only the finest quality irrigation products and components. We offer ongoing preventative maintenance services and repairs services.

With over 7 years of experience in the industry and with each of our technicians being qualified and experienced too, you can be rest assured that Blackburn Sprinklers is the best irrigation installation company to approach for assistance. To learn more about our irrigation system installation services, call us on  (214) 864-657 or send us a message online.