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Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting services

Home owners and property managers understand the value of professionally designed and installed landscape lighting. At Blackburn Sprinklers we are experienced in installing energy efficient landscape lighting to highlight your garden and add value to your property. Each outdoor area has its own lighting needs and an energy efficient and functional lighting design must be created for the specific garden in mind. A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work when it comes to landscape lighting.

At Blackburn Sprinklers, we understand just how much time and money has gone into creating your landscape or outdoor area. You should be able to enjoy this outdoor area both day and night. A gorgeous and flourishing landscape with no outdoor lighting is simply wasted at night. With the right landscape lighting design, you can truly showcase your garden and what it has to offer.

With proper lighting, entrances and potentially dark areas of the property can be well lit making sure residents and visitors feel safe. A well lit garden also deters opportunistic criminals and trespassers.

At Blackburn Sprinklers, we can install:

  • Energy efficient lighting,
  • solar landscape lighting
  • spotlights on sculptures, hedges and certain patches and
  • other specialized lighting.

Regardless of the size of your garden or your landscape design, we have an outdoor lighting solution for you.

Contact Blackburn Sprinklers for outdoor lighting design and installation

At Blackburn Sprinklers we can design and install landscape lighting that doesn’t just light up the outdoor area of your property – it actually adds value to your property. With access to a range of the best quality lighting solutions that are designed to last, you can expect your new landscape lighting to really make a lasting impression. Prepare for your neighbors and visitors to be thoroughly impressed.

How do you get the process started? We offer free consultation. To schedule an appointment for a designer to come out and evaluate landscape lighting needs for your property, call us at (214) 864-657 or send us a message online.